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Super Simple Enterprise Manufacturing Module

Super Simple Enterprise Manufacturing Module


Benifits of integrating ERP in Manufacturing

Process manufacturing could also be a way of constructing products using recipes or formulas. The raw components that structure an item often cannot be detached or far away from the ultimate product after production. Process manufacturing relies on the flow of sequential steps, with the completion of 1 step resulting at the beginning of the subsequent step. Process manufacturers often believe tracing and scheduling tools and software to require care of peak operational efficiency.

Process manufacturing may be associated with:
Recipes and Formulas
Mixes and Blends
Variable Ingredients
Identification of Parts by Attributes
Measurements of Weight or Volume

And, SuperSimpleERP has it all covered up. A software that centralizes your daily business processes into a master database capable of synchronizing key elements related not only to the work but also to finances, customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management, distribution management and human capital management (HCM). The mixing of those critical functions can boost productivity and increase revenue.

How does SuperSimpleERP benefit you?

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Super Simple Software ERP Manufacturing Solutions

SuperSimpleSoftware BusinessCenter erp for Manufacturing industry

Super Simple Software enables you to process upcoming orders from the list view, control in the calendar view, and edit the proposed schedule in the Gantt view. You can even track the changes in stock value according to the level of manufacturing activities as it progresses through the transformation process. This software allows you to organize manufacturing orders and work orders in any way you like. You can manually edit all operations at any stage of the process. Also, you can use the advanced analytics features to detect bottlenecks in resource capacities and inventory locations.



Super Simple Software Business Center Manufacturing Module

SuperSimpleSoftware erp Businesscenter manufacturing solutions.

  • Manage bill of materials,work orders,manufacturing orders
  • Fully integrated with operations like sales, purchases and accounting integration
  • Flexibility to create multi-level bills of materials
  • Efficient scheduling of manufacturing orders


Bill of Material

Super Simple ERP for industrial Bill of Materials management


Have the flexibility to create multi-level bills of materials, optional routing, version changes and phantom bills of materials. You can use BoM for kits or for manufacturing orders.

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