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Super Simple ERP for Helpdesk & Support

 A help desk is a resource intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to a company's products and services. The purpose of a help desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance.
Super Simple Software Help Desk system enable end users to meet the most important needs. It will get them operational as quickly as possible. In addition, by following the best practices, the Help Desk will enable the enterprise to meet the needs of the end users, not only that but for the departments to link into strategic areas within the company. Thus,the Help Desk will be one component in enabling the enterprise to meet their strategic goals.
Super simple software Help desk & Support helps users in recording and processing claims.It is a widely-used and trusted support ticket system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. help desk & support Module comes packed with more features and tools than most of the complex support ticket systems in the market.


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